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A better approach to Influencer Discovery, without the vanity metrics

We believe that traditional Influencer Discovery is a flawed process. Brands have been stuck in the hamster wheel of finding content creators based on sociodemographic criteria, resulting in underperforming campaigns and unsatisfied communities.
Here is how we're fixing it
Finding brand-fit influencers turns out to be a lot easier, when marketers focus on values, beliefs and interests as the core of a successful relationship between brand and creator. By analyzing every piece of content and every single brand collaboration, it’s easier than ever before to assess the authenticity and brandfitness for your company.

Example brand collaborations

View all branded posts & Instagram Stories of best-performing influencers.
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Effortless discovery

with AI-powered recommendations

Discover qualified influencers before you even start your search. We're surfacing fitting creators based on your brand, existing collaborations and competitors, without any additional work from your side. Your recommendations are refined over time and usage, based on your needs and interests. It's almost too easy.
  • Multiple discovery options based on follower growth, similarity and brand affinity
  • Content-based search available
  • Filter for country, language & follower range
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Jutta Henning
Monica Tillo
Bernd Mathis

Dive deep

into every brand collaboration

Check out previous brand collaborations of every single influencer and get a clear picture of their work with other brands. Evaluate your possible partners based on the branded content and use our database of posts & stories to de-construct your competitor’s influencer strategy.
  • Timeline of 1 year brand collaborations available
  • Insights into your competitors' partnerships
Ella collaborated with 4 brands on Instagram in the last 12 months and reached over 56m users with 98 Posts and 418 Stories with an average engagement of % resulting in an estimated media value of 4.98m.
Collaboration Timeline
Timeline of 1 year brand collaborations available

Find lookalike creators

and understand the personal networks of any influencer

Discover similar creators based on their content with the help of our AI-powered similarity technology. Let us show you the best personal connections of your creators and decide for yourself, if you want to benefit from their community - or even exclude your creator's friends from your campaigns.
  • Compare similarity scores
  • Explore similar posts
  • Discover creators that fly under your radar
Compare similarity scores
Discover creators that fly under your radar
Explore similar posts
to the ones you are tracking

Access to past posts & stories

from any creator

Easily search for posts & stories of potential influencers. Scroll through all of the influencers’ content, search for keywords, hashtags & mentions in Instagram Stories and analyze their work! Our OCR technology lets you even find text in the background so you'll never miss a mention again.
  • Analyze KPIs like media value, reach & engagement of each post
  • Filter for branded posts & stories available
  • Check top performing content from anyone
Order by: Top Posts
Check top performing content from anyone
Filter for branded posts & stories available
Analyze KPIs like media value, reach & engagement of each post
Download & save Instagram stories

Meaningful statistics

for deeper influencer analysis

Understand every creator in depth with best-in-class metrics, including detailed comparisons between organic and branded content. Follow and analyze the growth of your influencers with relevant data points for your influencer vetting in one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Follower growth, interactions, reach, media value
  • Brand collaborations details on Instagram posts & stories
  • Analysis of branded vs. non-branded content
Historical data
Follower growth, interactions, reach, media value
of branded vs. non-branded content
Branded Posts
Branded Stories

In-depth audience data

to get specific details of the followers of each influencer

Powered by Infludata, we offer you a wide range of reliable data such as follower demographics, audience status and quality score. Evaluate if the creator's audience fits your target group right down to the last detail.
  • See demographics such as age, country, gender and language
  • Detect mass followers & robots through audience status graph
  • Quality Score for faster analysis available

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