Cross-platform Influencer Tracking Tool

Better performing influencer marketing campaigns & higher ROI:
Track your creators on all platforms, Including Instagram Stories & TikTok.
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Automated influencer tracker

scans through posts, videos & Instagram stories

Our unique AI-powered search engine makes it possible for you to track keywords, hashtags, account names and swipe up links in every piece of influencer content. Thanks to our text recognition technology you can also detect your text logo in images and videos. That helps us to track all mentions of your brand, even the ones of unknown influencers.

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  • Search for keywords in influencer content
  • Keep an eye on every creator who mentions your brand
  • No more manual tracking work for you
Influencer Monitoring Story Monitoring

Influencer campaign tracking

for TikTok, Instagram and other platforms

Stop using influencer tracking spreadsheets for good. Track any specific influencer campaign, even on Instagram stories, with Storyclash. Watch the fan growth of individual influencers and uncover the quality of their content along other key performance KPIs like engagement rates. With our pre-set media value you can compare the success of your influencer campaigns and make smarter decisions for your next move.
  • Monitor your KPIs and make data-driven decisions
  • Detailed insights into your influencer campaigns
  • Understand & grow your ROI
Influencer Monitoring

Spy on your competitors' campaigns

and monitor owned & earned influencer content

Storyclash is the influencer tracking platform that allows you to browse through all influencer content, even if you are not linked to the creators. Spy on the influencer campaigns of your competitors or favorite brands and take notes. Discover new creators through tracking who mentioned your brand. Add them to your list of influencers and extend your influencer database with no effort.
  • Find out which brands your influencers work with
  • Get inspiration browsing through competitors content
  • Discover creators who fly under your radar
Influencer Monitoring
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